First Off

Adie Olami
1 min readApr 12, 2021

It has been an interesting journey so far being a software developer. After trying some technologies and actually using a few of them in the production environment, I have decided to share this knowledge and experience with the world. I thought about the idea of having different platforms to address different technologies so there’s ease of going through each technology. However, I decided to have everything in a single space maybe it would be enough to challenge someone to actually take a step further in the Software Development/Programming world. I basically would be covering these technologies

  • iOS Development & Swift
  • DevOps( From Code to Infrastructure)
  • Cloud technologies mainly AWS and GCP
  • Data Structure and Algorithms

While I document everything I know, this would also serve as a reference for me every now and then. I would be sharing a post every week and would cover each module separately.

Code posts would also be shared on my page and code snippets and samples would be available on github



Adie Olami

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